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Hey all! Aren't you special? I gave you this URL!! WOW!
Ok, but seriously, I'm only giving this URL out to my closest friends on the internet, so like, don't give this URL out to people..... if ya do, I'll find out... =)

And some of these pics came out blurry cause the shutter on my dads camera wouldn't close.. but a few are in pretty good condition. are the pics!

Me pics!

These are pics of my on vacation.. in the first, thats Shanendoah Valley, in the 2nd, The Minnesota Zoo.

This is one of my *fave* pics of me and Cinnamon! I think I look good in it, and Cinnamon doesn't look like I'm torturing her(like in the below pic... *L*)....

Here are 2 pics of Me & Cinnamon. They were taken on Feb. 7th. Don't we pose together really well?

Cinnamon Pics

Tiger Pics

Mocha Pics