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A memorial for all that were killed in their own school, by their peers.

We are all saddened at the outburst of random shootings at schools. Kids, Middle school aged to High School, are bringing guns to school and shooting their classmates. They have no remorse, and leave a path of pain and destruction. Where kids once felt safe, they are now afraid.

What has happened? I don't think its just that guns are available. I think that the kids need to know right from wrong. They need to have a respect for life. In this world, its cool to go see a blood and guts movie, or play a blood and guts video game where you get to shoot people to bits and see the blood shoot all over. This shouldn't be, what are we teaching our kids by condoning this? Maybe this would all be ok if kids just understood the value of life.

Please, teach YOUR kids right from wrong. Teach them that life is precious.

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By Tina Latta