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About fBdogz





About Me

Name: Amy Delapaya

Age: 12, My birthday is April 20th
Where I live or have lived: I'm from Michigan, I was origanally from the Phillipines, but my parents moved to Virginia when I was 2, when I was 4 we moved to Michigan.

My Religion: I'm baptist, I have VERY strong beliefs... if you agree with my religion, or don't mess with it, we can be very good friends =)

What I LOVE and just like: I LOVE animals! I like listening to my CD's(the radio sux up here), I go to the mall sometimes, I LOVE the GreenBay Packers(I know they're doin sucky this season), I LOVE God, you know I'm baptist! I go riding my bike sometimes, and I like to go cross country skiing sometimes.

What I hate or Dislike: I HATE Animal &/or Child Abuse. Some of the stories I've read about are SO sad. I'm really against abortion too! Womens Choice is SO off, the baby is NOT part of the woman, a baby is it's own person. I've seen pics of the remains, it's SO sad how they do the abortions. I don't like Microsoft that much either.

What I look like: You really wanna know? Shoulder Length Black Hair, Tan Skin(it's natural), and Brown eyes.

Friends: My best friend is Shelly of SBK3, no, we didn't just meet over the internet, we both lived in Michigan when were like younger, and went to the same church. Shelly moved away, but I've kept contact with her over the internet.

I have 1 dog. He is a Rottie mix, He pretty much looks like a Shaggy Rottie. He's really cute! I also have 2 cats. One is a Tortieshell(however you spell it) colored cat, and the other is a Tabby. All of my pets are mixes we adopted from our Humane Society.